Public & Private commissions

Public Commission

Light rail public commissionOver the course of the last eight years, Alan Osborne has received public and private commissions for both his enamel installations and sculpture. Some like his two-piece Sun on the Rise, 2003 are part of the region’s public transit network. It was a response to a competitive public art project supported by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. Located at the Sunrise Station, Osborne’s 18-foot archway and the companion freestanding sculpture show his preference for assembled gestural form, retaining a consistency of style recognizable in all his varied types of work.

Private Commissions


Ascending - private sculpture commissionOne recently installed private commission, called Ascending, 2010, is located in the lobby of a midtown Sacramento office building that is nearly encircled by glass. Begun in June 2009 and completed in October 2010, this large work and its strategic urban placement document Osborne’s ability to create a commanding sculpture that synchronizes with its environment, without compromising the setting or art piece.


At 21 feet in height, this assembled bronze piece celebrates three-dimensional expression through gestural forms and arcs that are the larger siblings to the delicate features found in his enamel paintings. The subtle patina of colors, revealed throughout the day by sunlight moving through the space, enlivens the otherwise static environment. True to the commission and design, the sculpture’s bronze metal blades stretch skyward, creating an expressionistic sweep, that balances form as it offers framed city views through structural voids. This installation is a successful resolution to the challenge of integrating a large piece of sculpture into a busy, predetermined public space where people circulate throughout the day. The installation of Ascending was completed in three days instead of one month, illustrating Osborne’s work ethic and capacity for successful improvisation.

Light on the Water

Light on th Water - private commissionA Private commissioned mural for the Mahoney-Getz residence in Sacramento called The Light on the Water Series 2, 2011, illustrates Osborne’s most lyrical direction with enamels. Composed of 24 copper sheets each measuring 15” x 18”, this work reveals both the endurance and delicacy of the enamel medium in mural form. Installed outside in a garden setting at the end of a swimming pool, it functions as both an organic component of the site and as a distinct artistic creation.


Osborne’s characteristic gestural marks parallel the movement of outdoor foliage, even drawing the interest of hummingbirds. As sunlight and shadow shift throughout the day, so, too, do reflections of rippling water play across the artwork’s surface.