The Foundry in Sacramento

Flames in the foundryAlan Osborne is an accomplished artist, and like all true artists he can’t imagine doing anything else. What differentiates Alan is his dedication to help other artists’ work come to life. He makes this happen through his foundry in Sacramento, CA.


Hundreds of artists over the past 30 years have sought out the talent of this master patineur. After attending Seattle University on a full scholarship, Alan began teaching at San Guests at the foundryJose State University in the 1970’s and has since been involved in teaching at various Universities on the West Coast. In addition to teaching in the United States, Alan has been involved in schooling programs abroad in England, Scotland and Wales.


Alan refers to his personal work as much more than just the physical form of art. “It is the universal language of art expression. No matter where a person is from, I can communicate with them through my art.” He is drawn to help other artists through his foundry because he sees it as a pure form of communication and Working at the Sacramento foundryexpression that all people of the world can understand. Alan’s own statement through art will be seen for years to come in his numerous public installations.


In addition to Alan’s long resume of professional accomplishments and ongoing public projects, he continues to make time to help other aspiring artists realize their visions. This is a result of his passion for his work and desire to share that enthusiasm with others. He holds an annual class at the Mendocino Arts Center (times vary).

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